• Warning: Spoilers
    I have to say, that after I learned that this was a Christian movie I was a little surprise, because the writing is very intelligent and the acting is very good.

    The movie has several lower points, the initial presentation is rather weak and there are a lot of scenes that don't make much sense, but the script is good, the inner struggle from the inmates, at one point the movie was almost ruined and almost renamed "Hackers 3" when one of the characters tries to destroy the cult shutting down the satellite network, hey, if they are already changed, what it will happen, they will simply wake up like if they were hypnotized?? that part of the movie was pretty ridiculous and lame, but served well to explain the relationship between two characters in the story, Tom and his ex-wife.

    Another thing that didn't convince me was Tom's conversion, he seemed a very strong character, one very willingly to resist cult like ideas, where they come from some "Leader" or from Jesus himself, so that was also one of the lower points of the movie.

    But overall this movie is very good, specially because it doesn't try to portrait the followers from Jesus like goodie goodies and everyone and everything else as villains, but just tell a history, and in the end people make their choices.

    This movie can be seen by some as Christian propaganda, after all, it has a huge Christian label in the beginning, end, in the cover and in the back, but still it is say less Christian than "Saved!" is anti-Christian.

    I also should point out that I'm not saying that because one movie is Christian and the other is anti-Christian, I analyzed the movie, and also I'm an atheist, this movie didn't change any of my beliefs in logic and evolution and the fact that religion is opium for the masses, but still it is a good movie and it doesn't look like Christian propaganda to me.