• Awesome show! It's about young people (young black adults specifically) striving diligently to become something positive in life. Singing is a very decent way to make a living and soothes your mind as you use it to express your feelings of the things you go through in everyday life.

    I hope P. Diddy was not being sexist when he chose the 6 members for Da Band at the end of the first season. 4 guys and 2 women is alright for the band, though some of the girls in the first season were pretty talented as well like Pocahontas and Mysterious. Immaturity seems to be more visible towards the fellas. Fred sucks his thumb, Dylan misses shows and blames his absences on his situation with his probation (what exactly did he do anyway to be on probation), and Chopper aka Young City is very hyperactive and has a big ego about his fame. Babs tends to have an explosive temper about everything. Sara is probably the most mature person in the band. All in all, they all are talented with their choice and vocalization of lyrics, especially Ness.

    The band's smoking habits is not a big deal but I just think about the various types of health issues that exists today that are linked to smoking: emphysema, lung cancer, liver cancer, worsened asthma, etc. All of them are too young to poisoning their bodies like that. Will their voices be just as effective now as they will be 10 or more years down the road?