• Being the first one to comment on this somewhat ancient movie, I just want to note that my mom was the one who rented this movie because she seem to have enjoyed the novel back in her day. Being a nice son, I decided to watch it too. And holy crap, did it feel awkward watching this. It's like a theatrical porno. There's not much dialogue in the movie and it sounds pretty stupid. First couple minutes into the movie, they show the main girl naked many times, making out with different guys (Jeez, she gives in so easily), and guess what... even with her older sister!?! She has this innocent look and yet she clearly has serious issues. Oh, it definitely did a good job to show that she is a dirty whore and has problems. She probably is for accepting the role.

    The novel might have a deeper story but from watching this movie, all I got was basically this girl painter having sex with a bunch of guys and has some incest going on with her older sister. And then the grand climax... she commits suicide. That's basically the whole story shown in the film and the scenes just drag on to make the movie long.

    The pace of this movie is extremely slow. Well, I guess most movies back then were. But on the plus side, that sort of gave a deeper feeling. I think they threw in those sex scenes to wake up some audiences.

    It's probably just me but this director sort of seems like Kubrick. It's dark, twisted and of course has nudity. The cinematography was worth watching along with the sceneries. But the story, I can't say much about. I'm surprised I watched it till the end.