• Warning: Spoilers
    (Includes spoilers of the pilot)

    Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (who is himself Jewish), Skin tells the story of a Jewish girl named Jewel (the absolutely gorgeous Olivia Wilde) who meets a half-Irish/half-Mexican Catholic guy named Adam (DJ Cotrona) by chance at a party. In the following week we discover that Jewel's father (Ron Silver) is the head of a porn empire and Adam's father is the district attorney up for reelection who wants to bring him down. Thinking he has him on a kiddie porn violation, Tom Roame (Adam's father) takes him to court where the judge throws out the case. Once each father discovers who their kid is dating, fireworks ensue. Both parents forbid their kids to date each other - yet even though they've only been dating for a week, they refuse. Tom also thinks he has found a way to bring down Larry (Jewel's father) and another man (played by a black actor in keeping with the multicultural - minus Wasps - theme) by pitting them both against each other while Larry also seeks to find dirt on Tom. The pilot ends with Adam and Jewel, virgins up to this point, putting an end to their chastity.

    While a rather unusual storyline for network TV which has me very interested in how the Romeo and Juliet theme will last an entire season, not even the stunningly beautiful Olivia Wilde will be able to keep this show on the air.