• All I have to say is that there better be a total rewrite in the works for the American remake.

    I've seen better camera work from 12 year olds using mom's VHS camcorder and better special effects on the local news.

    It isn't scary except in the sense that there's a mostly naked little boy that runs around in horribly done white makeup. Maybe they'll make Sarah Michelle Gellar run around mostly naked in the American release.

    When we went to see this movie the theatre had up a sign explaining that this was the Japanese version, not the American remake. The sign alone made me take pause before purchasing my ticket, but we were already there. Seriously though, what does a warning like that say about the target audience of the movie?

    It's best left for rental or the dollar theatre, even if you're into big screen/THX eye/ear candy as you're not going to find it here.