• First off, I think of myself as a fairly intelligent person. Not a genius, not an intellectual, but a pretty smart, philosophical sort of guy. That being said, I really have no qualms about admitting that I love this show. Although it appears on the surface to be a 30-minute slew of overdubbed, shameless sexual innuendos and sophomoric drug/alcohol jokes (in which department it is certainly not lacking, I can't deny), I was pleasantly surprised to discover upon viewing that much of the writing is actually more clever than was immediately apparent. It seems like such an easy show to do, but writing doubtlessly has its share of trials and is probably much harder than it looks, and the fact that the comments come so naturally and blend so smoothly with the gesticulations of the two "hosts" without even being noticed by the viewer is, I think, a testament to the skills of both the writers and the voice actors. Of course, the target is an easy one, as Japanese game shows are so outrageous from an American perspective, they almost parody themselves. In that regard, and in the fact that it owes its existence to an underrated cult classic called Mystery Science Theater 3000, the show breaks no new ground. However, the important thing is that it makes me laugh every time I watch it--certainly, it has a higher guffaw-per-minute than most, if not all, sitcoms. That's all that really matters to me, though some of the more uptight critics refuse to acknowledge that such traits are important.