• Warning: Spoilers
    I just saw this on HBO and it is so sad that Palestinian adults are using children to fight their war against a peaceful nation like Israel. Many of these children have never met or even seen an Israeli but have such hatred for them because they are taught hatred instead of tolerance from their birth. These children show their lack of education when they slur the Jewish religion because they pray differently from Muslims who put their faces on the ground during prayer.

    The first thing that I wonder is why peace groups aren't intervening and teaching Palestinians right from wrong. Where is the Arab's Martin Luther King Jr? They are so quick to blame their problems on Israelis and Jews but the reality is that death and destruction befalling them is the direct result of Palestinian terrorism. The parents of these children interviewed say they want their kids to live but at the same time they do nothing to uproot Hamas and other terrorists from their neighborhoods. They cry and complain when Israeli bulldozers demolish their homes serving as cover for weapon smuggling tunnels, but do nothing to stop the Palestinian criminals causing their oppression. Their children are shown making hand grenades to throw at Israelis but they always claim that the kids are throwing stones when they get shot, as they do when they show a boy brought into a hospital with a gunshot wound. The boy was shot in the stomach, probably not a life threatening wound, and doctors even say he'll pull through, but their negligence gets the better of them as the boy dies 6 hours later.

    Throughout the movie we see why children are so eager to join the terrorists who use them as pawns and shields to protect them from Israeli soldiers defending their country. The 'teachers' in schools are as guilty as the terrorists because they brainwash the kids into believing ridiculous things such as 'Israel colonizes' and that the Jews came into 'Palestine in 1948' As if there weren't already a large Jewish presence in the entire area including a Jewish majority since 1870 and a continuous Jewish presence for over 1000 years.

    When the narrator interviews terrorists I'm reminded of Ku Klux Klan members with their covered faces and racist ideology. Just like the KKK they use distorted history to justify their terrorism and war crimes against Israeli civilians. It is truly sick and twisted when one of these masked terrorists says that a boy would look good with a rocket launcher, he then hands it to him and teaches him how to use it. Later in the film they use Ahmed the 12 year old boy as a lookout when they try to murder Israelis. Sadly they use the children without any regard to their safety, saying that if one is killed there are thousands more to take his place. This shows that they don't care about their people, only about murder and mayhem. It's not surprising so many Palestinian kids are being killed. They are used as pawns to protect snipers and have no meaning to them except to shield these scared terrorists running around city streets with guns, bombs and rockets under the cover of night.

    At the end of the movie Israeli soldiers are flushing out terrorist snipers from abandoned buildings. It is pitch black darkness as the filmmakers are stupid enough to walk right into the middle of this war zone, I mean how idiotic can a person be to walk out in between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian snipers? The makers of this movie claim that Israeli soldiers killed James Miller, but there has never been proof or evidence of this, there was never a formal investigation only an accusation, commonplace in Palestinian society. The movie is almost objective at times but their misuse of words like 'paramilitary' and 'militants' to describe Arab terrorists show where their hearts truly lie. I recommend viewing this movie as well as researching more about the Palestinian use of children and their false history used to 'justify' their terrorist actions against Israel.