• A new meaning to robbing the cradle......

    Watching these children through out their daily routine, of waking to the sound of gunshots, throwing rocks at the invading tanks, being trained for martyrdom, and attending "funerals" (which are seen more as a victory, for the cause) is heart breaking. The children know no other world, nothing else but losing their family, and being prepared that they will be the next to go. Its for the cause, they say, its for Allah, its for Palestine, and their people.

    The children are used as spies to go out into the street to watch out for trouble. They are children, they will not hurt them. Oh, but they will. Do not question whether a soldier will murder a young boy because he stands in the way of his tank, or gunfire. He will run over him, he will fire at him, he will take any life he can, because he knows that that child is growing up in a world of pure hate for the Israelis. That child will grow up, and kill Israelis. Its a very sad thought, but its true. These children experience NO childhood. They are born, and brought into training.

    They will not die of old age, they will not die of a heart attack at 55, they will be martyred and their families will all be glad. They will rejoice, and praise Allah, that a young child was taken from them for the greater good. To use their deaths against Israel.

    James Miller was also murdered during the filming of his documentary. He and his crew put their lives on the line to bring you this knowledge, and while you may have already had an idea that its hell over in Palestine, you've now gotten a chance to see it up close, without putting yourself in that danger.

    Freedom is something to fight for, its something to defend, and even something to die for, but these children die for nothing.