• Yu Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy) has a compelling plot, which presumably accounts for the popularity of the novel it is based on. Unfortunately, Vicki Zhou, who did so well in the light entertainment "So Close," just isn't convincing in the role of a lovelorn policewoman. How could a woman who repeatedly squeals at every surprise, cries at any excuse, and wails in a baby voice be a supercop? She looks as comfortable in a battle helmet as Michael Dukakis. This role needs an actress with the skill and range of Brigitte Lin, but Zhou is more like Gidget Lin. As for Nic Tse, he may be a heartthrob to Hong Kong teenyboppers, but he's no actor. The only real acting is from Yunlong "who's he" Liu, who plays the narrator, and who hopefully will get more roles in better films.

    Further detracting from the film is the ridiculously large and stiff doll that replaces the baby during action sequences, and the irritatingly wise father figure, Captain Pan. This film can be safely missed.