• Warning: Spoilers
    When I first moved to Australia, I had very limited choices of what to watch on TV back in 1998 -- as a deaf viewer, I required captionings to be able to follow shows through. "Water Rats" and a few others had captions, so I was immediately hooked to "Water Rats" from the first episode I ever saw. I only saw a couple eps with Colin Friels and it was different once Steve Bisley came into the picture as the replacement, as Jack Christey, still he did a fantastic job. He and Catherine McClements made a wonderful team, both professionally and personally. I stopped watching "Water Rats" after the episode, "A Day At the Office" where Catherine's character, Rachel "Goldie" Goldstein was stabbed to death. :( The story lines and the basis of the show simply fell apart when Goldie departed. I did watch here and there, but it just didn't hold the same intensity as it did before Goldie went. The last ep was a bit laughable when Bisley's 'Christey' died in the ocean after being shot. Still, I reckon the show would've done better if the writers hadn't killed Goldie off and change the layout and story lines.

    RIP "Water Rats: - that show will always be a memorable part of my heart.