• I have been watching Christian films for many years and as they go, this one is not too bad.

    It is hard to have a blockbuster without blockbuster money or names but then again, many good movies never went on to be blockbusters.

    The writer is presents his version of the end times and while a little confusing, I was not sure if this was pre- or post rapture, is simple and too the point.

    Although liberties are taken with traditional Christian theology, it presents the story of those who are left behind and the choices that they must make.

    I enjoyed the film because the actors are natural and attempt to portray their characters as real people with all their faults in a difficult situation. For those who are familiar with the story told in Revelations, their actions are understandable, i.e why they become Christians, still search or chose not to become Christians.

    I would recommend this movie to Christians and non Christians because of the avenues of discussion that will be opened.