• Warning: Spoilers
    Yeah, it's a chick flick, but a good one! It's in German with subtitles (if your lucky)..although reading the dialogue can be a chore and distracting....for a good movie you do get into the swing of things and soon enough you begin to appreciate the original language as tone, inflections, whispering is conveyed as it was meant to.

    Moritz Bleibtreu is "Daniel Bannier" who is a young, sensitive, kind teacher in training in Hamburg, Germany. His greatest desire is to meet his soulmate. Unknown to him, Christiane Paul is "July" (Juli in German) who has already decided that he's her man. There are already a few problems...he doesn't even know her, she's to shy to introduce herself, and it would seem they have nothing in common.

    And that's where the follies, accidents, charming scenes, mistaken identities, accidents begin. As in most fairy tales (recent and old) it's HOW you get there that's fun and endearing. Faith Akin wrote this.........superb!

    If romantic comedies and fairy tales are up your alley, don't miss this one.