• Basically, this show is about 4 kids who like sports. Otto Rocket, the extreme sports player who usually screws things up Reggie Rocket, the only girl and the one who usually bails Otto out Sam 'Squid' Dullard, the nerdy computer geek who cant stand in skates Maurice 'Twister' Rodriguz, the low IQ filmmaker

    I used to watch this show for about a week until I woke up with the feeling, "I actually liked this?" I began to laugh at myself.

    Basic storyline:

    "Let's go skiing!" says Ray-mundo, Otto's dad. So they go skiing and Otto sees the restricted section. "Hey Twister, let's sneak in!" Otto says. "I dunno," Twister says. "Cmon, don't be a baby!" Otto says. So they sneak in and Reggie sees them but doesn't tattle. Otto and Twister get lost. "Wheres Otto and Twister?" Raymundo asks. "In the restricted section," Reggie says. So they find them and they get punished but learn a valuable lesson.

    I'm sure you're nearly bursting with excitement. I recommend this show for people who's IQ is as low as Twisters and can't understand what they're watching.

    1/2 out of 10. And that's a 'half', not a 'one' or 'two'.