• Like my summary suggests, this IS the worst film ever made. The acting is wooden, the plot is paper thin, and the budget...well, budget implies that there was money to make this film, and quite frankly, I don' think that they had one. It must have taken the director an hour to write tops, and the only reason that I have seen it is because I couldn't be bothered to do my Geography coursework and found it on the smallest of channels available, one that shows the "Classic", b/w beverly hillbillies shows - prior to singing on the theme tune. The other review did not talk about the plot, so let me explain:

    7bearded men (who look suspiciously like Fidle Castro) rob the town for all its worth, can the former sheriff save the day? Cheapest of stunts, dramatic dying scenes (its like this will be their "BIG BREAK" and poor direction makes this film drag on. But it is because of all of these things, that the film is so funny to watch. It is truly awful, but worth a watch, because you will appreciate other films - you may even begin to like George Lazenby as Bond.

    This film is shocking, but watch it, you will laugh your head off if you take the piss out of it. The ending, is particularly memorable.