• Warning: Spoilers
    This movie had a good trailer - but that's all that's good. This movie was SOOOO BAD i could have DEMANDED for a refund!!! This was Trent Ford's introductory movie - and what a huge mistake he made. Mandy Moore as usual JUST CANNOT ACT!!! High school dramedies may be good - and this film tries too hard to be one of them - but it fails really bad. Mandy Moore's performance in this movie is so bad - that a person watching Mandy for the first time may never want to watch her act again. Trent Ford gives an "I REALLY WANT TO BE LIKE ASHTON KUTCHER" performance - and he fails badly at it. The ending in this movie - made it the perfect rotten cherry on the burned cake. *Spoiler Alert* - the whole wedding scene was hideous and then afterwards seeing Mandy and the other cast members making faces at the baby was one of the lamest movie endings in the history of the cinema. My recommendation would be to stay way from this movie - it's pointless, there is absolutely NOTHING good in it, and it's a COMPLETE waste of time