• This stagey film, based on a Broadway play, is excruciating to watch. How astounding that it was nominated for Best Picture, and that an adequate Balsam WON for Best Supporting Actor!!

    The scenery-chewing and the obnoxious soundtrack are bad enough. But what is it trying to say? That non-conformists are heroes? What is admirable about not holding a job, and barely supporting yourself, and a dependent child?

    Barry Gordon is 17, playing 12!!! His mannerisms are exaggerated, and annoying. His "wisdom" is cloying.

    Boy, does everyone "act." The grandstanding is overly pretentious. I understand that many of the stars recreated their Broadway roles. Apparently, they forgot that a camera is much more intimate than the stage, and consequently, the performances are often grotesque.

    Frankly, I'm surprised at all of the positive reviews in here. Perhaps subtlety isn't always appreciated.