• This movie was so inspirational to me... Out of all the movies i've seen, this is the best! This movie is the first to make me cry. Nigel sending off his daughter to boarding school, Eliza and her father moments, the song "Bridge To The Stars" at the ending credits. Such a wonderful movie. When i went to go see it i was thinking 'Oh well, just another wedgie, animal film' well i was wrong.

    This movie has totally given me new light and respect on animals and the enviorment. In fact now i'm a fan of the show. Wonderful animation. Way better then the show, this is the best thornberry film. Hopefully not the last. The villains i came to love, why? Well, i must say better then the others Eliza has encountered. These 2 characters Sloan & Bree fake an act then turn on Eliza. Eliza meets her match with those 2.

    This movie i highly recommend to animal lovers and Thornberry fans. Before this movie i wasn't in love with the show. Now i'm a fanatic!