• John Ritter basically plays Jack Tripper (AKA Zachary Hutton) in a more adult setting in this movie. All the physical comedy practically screams Jack Tripper at you. That is a good thing, and it resulted in a pretty funny movie.. at times. It did seem to drag around the beginning, but when his life started falling apart, that's when the fun began.

    Another movie that this one reminded me of is Burt Reynolds' The Man Who Loved Women. The plot seemed to be the same. A womanizing man's ways catch up with him. Skin Deep was funnier, though, due to Ritter's comedy. The "Glow In The Dark" scene still holds up as a very funny scene today. I'm surprised I haven't seen it spoofed in one of many of today's "gross out" comedies, as it would certainly fit right in.

    The comedy was certainly up to par, but the movie makes you wait until the it is over half done to see it. The ending also seemed left a little unfinished. Nothing really happens to end the movie. It was very Adam Sandler-esque with how all of the characters in the movie were now his friends and he was just successful, without going into how he accomplished what he did despite all of his previous problems that hindered him before. Overall, I give this movie a 7 out of 10.