• Okay, so here I was thinking this movie would be something along the lines of "the early lion gets the Christian", but I was mistaken. The story starts off quite okay, but unfortunately it does not develop any further and degrades into blunt propaganda.

    We are introduced to a totalitarian system, lead by -eh- The Leader, where all subjects are wearing some sort of mind-control device, that makes them all easy-going, in essence, committing sins by biblical standards, especially when it comes to 'fruitless attempts of procreation', if you catch my boat. The man, namely Tom, who's adventures we follow, is forced to do some assassination on a religious figure. Well, his ex-wife, whom he still loves is with the Gestapo (as I would call it), he is all bitter; the usual mambo-jumbo. Now it is where the story begins to get really crappy. Tom is imprisoned, on death row, and meets Luke, who is some sort of preacher, who knows a lot about Tom, his wife and his plans. He (Luke - check the name) hears the voice of God, now, that's some feat! This Baldwin brother should be legally forbidden to play movies, I tell ya.

    Still, it could have been a good flick. But noooo, we witness really silly dialogues, bad, bad, bad acting and some really awful editing of the movie. At times I was thinking, the person responsible for the cut was drunk. Anyway, the whole Christian thing has some mystical touch to it, and all Christians in the movie are happy, happy to die. What kind of message is that? And yeah, let's not forget to mention Elijah's magical powers, where he makes a car to be invisible and marches right into a high security building. Without a reason to be there in the first place.

    So, what is it, that the movie would like to tell us? Heck, if I only knew! Are Christians the better ones when it comes to suffering, as they do it with a smile, or what? Where is the difference between The Leader and Elijah? Both their 'teachings' are the same, except for the ones are 'persuaded' by the device (mind you, you have to take it freely!!!) and the other do it by free will... wait, it's the same. I'd rather have such chip and enjoy a life of stupor, but without noticing it, rather than to watch another movie like this. Gee, was I ever mislead and wasted valuable time! Do not watch it under any circumstance!