• As a fellow Texan of Tony Danza, I have a natural affinity for movies about life on a farm. This movie does not disappoint. Danza's performance is one for the ages. I would say the ages of 6 through ten years old. Although I loved the movie, I had a hard time following the complex story-line. Danza's portrayal of a father trying to control his daughter (hence the clever movie title) ranks up there with Olivier, Brando and Kutcher. How this movie did not get Oscar consideration is beyond me. I would warn that Danza's character does launch into profanity laced tirades quite often. This is a great movie for the whole family. I have two movies that I play endlessly for my two month old: The Godfather Two and She's Outta Control. Enrich your lives, enrich your worlds and enrich Tony Danza's pocket, buy this movie. I prefer the video version over the DVD version because of the better audio and visual qualities.

    Thoughts and prayers out there who do not see this gem!