• Previous reviewer of this movie obviously has no clue about the sport of baseball. The opening monologue by "Annie Savoy" is absolutely the best of any movies I've ever seen. The scenes on the playing field are so real I can almost smell the dirt and the grass. Costner and Robbins are both absolutely excellent in their portrayals of frustrated Minor Leaguers trying to get to the "show" (i.e. the MAJOR LEAGUES for those of you who do not know the lingo.) and the setting is beautiful; a small southern town where baseball is probably the best thing on Earth because everything else is boredom. Annie Savoy does the best monologue ever known to my ears; her comparsions of baseball to a "religion" speak deeply into my heart because I have been a fan since I can remember and I will be until the day I die. The Annie character is also an interesting twist on the necessity of a female figure to calm down too much boiling testosterone.

    MLB players like Milton Bradley need an "Annie Savoy" - unfortunetely they apparently do not yet; I hope these tortured souls of MLB will someday find an "Annie" or at least watch this movie so chairs stop flying into the stands at MLB parks and these guys can get back to the real business of just playing the game.

    If you are a serious baseball fan this is a must see; if you're clueless or just don't get the draw of not just the game but of honest "Americana" - don't bother; maybe at least try to figure it out.