• In its heyday The Simpsons was a joy to watch. The characters were likable and the stories were humorous and well written. I always looked forward to the next installment of this piece of cartoon genius. Notice how I'm using the past tense, this is because watching a more recent episode is nothing short of pure torture. The characters have become obnoxious and the same story of Homer getting some wacky new job is trotted out seemingly again and again. I won't pretend that I have seen all the episodes much past season 10 simply because I haven't. I prefer to keep my memories of a good show intact and not taint them with the wreck of a cartoon The Simpsons has become. I think it would be cruel to make my eyes watch anything from the 16th season whenever that may float across to merry old England. I can appreciate that after so long the stories are bound to dry up, but it's at that point that most sensible people would decide to stop flogging the poor dead horse and actually bury it. Years ago celebrities who appeared in the show actually played a character rather than just themselves. These people are actors, for goodness sake let them act!!! A series cannot go on forever and after 15 years I believe that The Simpsons should end next year. If the rumours of the 3 movies that the main actors are contracted to do actually happen then I seriously can't see them being any better that what we have to put up with at the moment.

    So I send out a plea to all the writers & overpaid actors on The Simpsons, tell Fox where they can put the show and help track down any episodes past season 10 and destroy them so that they may never be heard of or spoken of again.