• Yes the plot is thin enough to pass your hand through, but it's still a great film. It's quite scary in a few places I suppose watching it at 2 in the morning didn't help the situation. However even if I hadn't watched it then it still would've scared me. The way that the suspense is built up is chilling, especially with that strange little boy Toshio. When Susan is going home and is travelling up to her apartment in the lift and Toshio is there on every floor, I had my fists up to my face cringing, it really freaked me out. But not as much as the next section did, again involving Susan and the main ghost Kayako. Sad as it may seem I actually had to look under my bed covers when I got home. I know the acting wasn't perfect and in an odd way I was half expecting a vampire to leap out at Karen, but I still got sucked into the whole story of why Kayako was haunting the house in the first place. It had me jumping all over the place a few times and that noise gave me the chills I decided to give it 8/10 because on the whole it is a good film with an interesting premise to a story. It's well directed & still manages to do a better job than other Japanese to American remakes of recent years.