• God of Gambler's Return (1994) was one of the last movies Yuen-Fat Chow made before he returned to the U.S. for good. After two sequels featuring Stephen Chow, Jing Wong wanted to make a big budgeted direct sequel to the first film with the original actor. Andy Lau wasn't available so he brought along Ka Fai Leung to take his spot. Elvis Tsui and Sharla Cheung Man co-star along with Chien-Li Wu and the ever hot Chingmy Yau. The God of Guns also makes an appearance reprising his role as the God of Gamblers bodyguard.

    This film is pretty grim but it's also funny as well. The God of Gamblers is in retirement but the new Devil of Gamblers wants to play a game with him and he wont take no for an answer and makes life a living hell for the G.O.G.

    To describe this film wont do it justice. But if you have seen a Jing Wong movie or the first film you wont walk away from this movie disappointed. The slapstick comedy and farcical elements along with a huge helping of bloodshed will keep everyone highly entertained and it's one hell of a ride.

    Jing Wong made a lot of money with this series and the gambling genre in general. After this film he started up the Saint of Gamblers series, a prequel to the God of Gamblers and a new series called the Conmen. In many interviews that Mr. Wong has given in the past he's stated that The Cincinatti Kid, It's A Mad, Mad, Mad World and Die Hard are his favorite movies. After watching this flick you'll understand why. As always, the U.S. is slow on the poker phenomenon. But films like these make gambling not as fun as it seems.

    Highly Recommended!