• This is a masterful film. Superbly acted, wonderfully directed and expertly rolled together in an all action romp with a sword. From the opening scene I knew I was going to love this film. Uma Thurman gives a totally believable performance as the bride so mercilessly tortured by Bill and his D.I.V.A.S

    The basic premise is that the Bride on her wedding day was brutally attacked by the gang she left when she wanted to get married and have a baby. Because the attack was so violent the bride remains in a coma for 4 years. When she wakes up, she discovers her baby gone and goes on a brutal killing spree against the people responsible for the attack. In this film, Vernita Green a respectable housewife now and O-Ren Ishii, head of the Japanese mafia. The Venita Green fight is short and violent, but none the less satisfying. It introduces us to the situation and leads happily on to the main part of the film, which actually takes place before the brides attack on Vernita Green. It is the tracking down of O-Ren Ishii. Her backstory is cleverly told through Japanese style animation.

    The whole style of the direction of the latter half of the film is wonderful. The homages to various styles of kung-fu films from the 60's and 70's is a fascinating take on the story and brings a refreshing view to what could have become a very stale and boring story of revenge. the reason why it works so well is that it is taken to a whole new level of clever moments that thrill the audience and kept me captivated for best part of 2 hours. With a film this good, time goes out the window. Yes it is insanely violent in places, but hey this is Tarantino and to have held him back to a PG certificate wouldn't have done the film justice. I couldn't help but give this 10/10 because I loved it, plain and true