• "Cuore", which is an Italian word for "heart" is a mini-series in Italy that its title says it all. It's pretty obvious that kids could watch this because it was aired on TV, but don't even bother about it. The series is just safe for younger viewers, but this still needs a parental guidance.

    The story is about a new teacher named Guilio who came to Torrino to teach a bunch of young mischievous boys-- in a different way. This angers the conservative strict principal, but the boys (and his colleague friend, Margarita) like him. In the end, the boys learn about bravery, honesty, kindness and other good-doings from the stories Giulio narrated. From the bad things that happened in the school, it turns out to be good. (Oh by the way, Guilio and Margarita were already married in the end.)

    I really like this one. The obviously family-oriented series however, is too long for an episode to run. Each episode runs for 1 hour and 40 minutes which gave me an impression that it's a bad movie. Too bad I missed the second episode.

    Anyway, I voted 8 over 10.