• Warning: Spoilers
    Well, what can i say, this movie is absolutely terrifying. this isn't a horror like Scream, this is a proper horror. Horror shouldn't be guts 'n gore, it should be psychological and it should strike your inner fears, and i must say. This film does.

    The director certainly knows how to scare people scary, as in the scenes: Where the woman has been chased from her work straight to a comfy doom on her bed. Kayako crawling down the stairs, staring into the camera (as if she is looking straight into you). ummmmmmmmmm about every scene, especially when Toshio and Kayako are on Kira's bed with her. *shudders*

    Well, to me, the scariest film i have seen. Yet the American version is good, it doesn't have as much OOMPH as Ju-On. Please do watch this, i highly recommend it. :) ^_^