• Warning: Spoilers
    This show was very unappreciated in the U.S. according to some other commentators on this site. I can't really understand why. It's no better or worse than the original Ellen show. But like I also read, the show had mixed time slots, so it was hard to know when it was on. Here in Denmark 13 episodes was shown and I quite enjoyed it. It wasn't as funny as ELLEN but it had a nice setting. The character of Mr. Munn (played by Martin Mull) cracked me up, which was pretty much a revamp of his VP (no not vice-president) on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch). Cloris Leachman could get on my nerves but it's only because she hasn't much to work with playing a kook all the time. To have several of the cast members from the Mary Tyler Moore Show as guest stars including the woman herself was a bit pretentious but doesn't all shows have famous guest stars today? As for Ellen she is once again playing a version of herself. She is lesbian but it really isn't made into a topic on the show. She once had a boyfriend who now works as a teacher (the actor playing him could have been taken out of Frankenstein). She has a sister with a lot of nervous tics (I think she was dropped on the floor as a baby) and they all live in a storybook small town where everybody knows each other. What is wrong with that? Nothing, except it doesn't really spell sensational which the networks apparently demands every minute on TV now. So, it's no wonder this got canceled mid-season but I heard that Ellen has a very successful talk-show now, so her I doubt she will lose much sleep over it.