• Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this movie for the first time as a teenager. I thought this was going to a be a "black" version of Creepshow of Tales From the Crypt. It wasn't. This movie opened peoples eyes to "horrors" that plague Americans every day. The movie touched upon domestic abuse and the psychological effects it can have upon a child who experiences it or witnesses it. Police brutality and the "brotherhood" that calls for cops to cover each other made for a great story. The intolerance against those who vocalize the wrongs plaguing today's society is a part of that same "phase" in the movie.

    The one part of the movie that affected me the most was the gang banging episode. Joe Torry is a gang banger out for the almighty dollar and couldn't care less about who he hurts to get it. When he is shown what his actions are perpetuating, the images are haunting and get anyone's attention.

    The movie has it's share of gore, but uses horror to show viewers that the sociological, economical, and racial problems in this country are more horrifying than any idea a writer can produce.