• When will be released in zone 1 and zone 2 a collector package DVD including what must definitely be called "the New Wordl SF trilogy of the years 80" that is to say : ANDROÏD + FORDIDDEN WORLD (Mutant) + GALAXY OF TERROR ?

    All the three of them produced around 1980-1985 by Roger Corman, all of them full of ideas, directed by talented and intelligent directors, all of them written very well and very well edited too... I cannot believe that to screen such an excellent B-movie as FORBIDDEN WORLD, I have only my old Pan&Scan to 4/3 aspect ratio VHS SECAM recording in (quite good) French version. Interactivity, French subtitles, audio commentaries from producer Corman, actors and directors... urgently required for those 3 ones ! And many lobby cards and posters in supplement section too, please.