• Warning: Spoilers
    I'm an atheist. I favor evolution and secular humanism being taught in parochial schools, big-breasted cheerleaders being forced into homosexual marriages, convicted pedophiles teaching elementary-school sex-ed classes, and televangelists' wives (and girlfriends) being subjected to mandatory abortion when they get pregnant.

    (Just kidding.)

    My girlfriend (Christian) and I (see above) caught this movie on TBS today. I was expecting writing and acting that was heartfelt but amateurish. I found a story that gripped me quickly and moved me more than I would like to admit.

    It's a movie I enjoyed, and could even recommend, regardless of the fact that it's Christian. "Six" is better than the two "Left Behind" movies, and loads better than the NBC travesty "Revelations."

    My only objection to the story is that all the Christians in it are goody-two-shoes: they pray, they read Scripture (or even write it on walls), they witness, they listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, they are not in the slightest tempted to take the Mark, and they walk jubilant to their guillotines. I've met maybe five people like that in my whole life; whereas churches are filled with phonies who, given the choice of The Mark Or The Axe, would sell out in a heartbeat.

    The basic idea of the story: Sometime in the future (calendar years are never mentioned), the Antichrist (aka the Leader) has come to power. There is no mention that the Rapture happened, or else that it will happen later.

    Anyway, those who take the Mark become brainwashed drones of the Community. (How do we know that they're brainwashed by the Antichrist? Nobody in the Community mentions that he's Republican. :-) ) Those who refuse to take the Mark are thrown into prison for 21 days. If during that time they choose to receive the Mark, they are tagged, "indoctrinated," and released -- but otherwise, at the end of 21 days they are beheaded on a platform with six side-by-side guillotines.

    Tom Newton is a godless man who has not taken the Mark, who is still in love with his wife Jessica (now an evil drone). Tom Newton is also a former cop. He is tortured (in a scene that is guaranteed to creep out any hetero male) into agreeing to whack a Christian prophet, Elijah Cohen. To do that, Newton has to be thrown into the Markless prison, then to engineer an escape along with one of Elijah Cohen's followers, who presumably will take Newton to Cohen.

    The prison is bursting with Christians, and every inch of every cell has Bible verses written on them. Newton is scornful of the Christians.

    (Now, at this point, let me address those Bible verses. Other commentators here have found it unbelievable that the anti-Christian prison guards would allow such writings in the cells. I had no problem with that -- the guards are programmed by their "holy implants," and anyone who knows computers will tell you that programmers don't think of everything.)

    Besides Newton, also thrown in the prison are two young men who were caught driving a stolen Porsche.

    These three men must make a hard choice: take the Mark, which means Assimilation plus burning in hell for all eternity; refuse the Mark, and be beheaded in a state of sin; or accept Jesus and become a Tribulation Martyr.

    Don't think that all three men accept Jesus. The screenwriter surprised me at the end.