• Warning: Spoilers
    OK so the plot... if you can call it that... probably not. But anyway a rogue agency of the CIA breaks a stunt car driver out of jail so that they can kidnap the president... just say that over in your mind a few times then think about whether or not you should rent the movie. From the ridiculous characters, to the incredibly slowly moving Army Rangers, to the out of shape evil CIA guy (who has a sizable gut) beating up an Army ranger, to the general who apparently wears his uniform all the time, to the driving in circles creating a dust storm so the cops can't see a van... the list goes on and on. If you watch this movie with the right attitude you'll be laughing your ass off otherwise you'll be wishing you were dead. Also if you found anything about this movie to be intelligent I suggest you see a doctor immediately as you may have a common condition called stupidity.