• Warning: Spoilers
    This used by one of the best reasons to get up early on a Saturday morning. This cartoon was just one of the best weekend treats when I was younger. Basically it is showing all the adventures that all the kids of an American school have in Recess. The main kids are T.J. (the boss), Vince (the cool one), Mikey (the greedy fat simple one), Gretchen (the smart nerdy one), Gus (the wimp) and Spinelli (the tough girl). There were some other good characters during Recess that the main kids dealt with. There was the mean playground minder Miss Finster with her young sneaky spy-like assistant, Randall. There was the constant watcher (of T.J. especially) and manager of the school Principal Prickley. There was also the ruler of the playground, the teenager King Bob (anything he said had to be done). This is very good from time to time, the kids will love it if they like Disney and Saturday morning cartoons. Very good!