• this game is awesome!

    the 3rd installment of the Budokai series, this one's really fun. you get Goku, Vegeta, and a ton of great characters. i've played the multi-player before but i haven't played the 1-player enough to know the story, but if you have kids who are Dragonball z fans and you want to rent them a multi-player game that will keep them entertained for hours, get em' this. it's worth every cent you hand over to get it for a week, or if you are greedy, you can simply buy it.

    This game in my opinion, is worth the work the game makers put into it. and if it's Dragonball z, take it off the shelf in the video store before it's gone. also, 2 words of advice; if you have no idea what dragonball Z is, watch dragonball on YTV first. and don't just rent this game because i said it was cool. it's rated T because a big muscular guy beating up female androids isn't what you want your kids to see.

    But for the older crowd, 10/10! and KameHameHAAAAA!