• This was the first feature length version of this story, based on a poem by Edgar Allen Poe.

    A young woman has her life saved by a mad doctor who has an obsession for Edgar Allen Poe. He falls in love with her and invites her, her dad and her lover along with some other people to stay at his home for a weekend and would turn out to be the weekend from hell. They arrive and the doctor's servant is an escaped prisoner who wanted a new face but instead, the doctor turned him into a mutant. He would have his new face when his work was completed for the doctor. What these visitors don't know is that the doctor intends to use them, especially the woman and her dad for torture and the first victim, the dad is taken to the torture chamber in the basement and he is strapped down and a pendulum gradually moves on to him but he is rescued at the end. The woman and her lover are put in a room where the walls close in but the mutant turns the power off and they escape and the doctor is put in that room and crushed to death just as the police arrive.

    The Raven has a lot of the things you would expect in this sort of movie: hidden doorways, secret passages and a thunderstorm.

    Now to the cast: Excellent performances from Bela Lugosi as the doctor and Boris Karloff as the prisoner turned mutant. I'm not too familiar with the rest of the cast.

    This movie is a must for all horror fans, especially if you like Boris and Bela. Excellent.

    Rating: 4 stars out of five.