• Warning: Spoilers
    "I like women to hit me. Feels good."

    The Association is filled with weird moments such as that comment, but is often too talky to be a fully satisfying King fu pic. Byong Yu's character is a no nonsense member of a Chinese police force, committed to breaking up an underground prostitution ring. Over the course of an hour and a half we are treated to: 1) Exploding skulls during the opening credits sequence. 2)A rapist who has his eyeball ripped open with broken glass. 3)A group of satanists performing an abortion by having a white woman in a red gown, surrounded by flames, dance around the pregnant woman to a gogo music soundtrack. 4) The hero fighting a blind man (we see only the whites of his eyes).

    As exciting as all that might sound, we have to put up with twenty minutes worth of boring dialogue in between each of those choice moments. There are also some lame romance scenes in which lovers run through the woods to sultry Love Story style music with harpsichord.

    I purchased the film for $2.00 on the Norstar Home Video label at The Kingsgate Mall in Vancouver.