• This was a cracker of a PPV. The first match putting Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio blew the roof off the arena! Next up Eddie Guerrero tries to settle the score with Edge, but 'Latino Heat' lost in a good match. The only real disappointment in my opinion was the match putting Ric Flair against Chris Jericho. It was pointless and did nothing for me.

    The Booker T and Goldust battled Christian and Lance Storm in a good contest, which saw the fans go bonkers for Booker and Goldie! Next up The Undertaker defends the glory of the good US of A and battles Un American member Test in a solid affair. The Shawn Michaels made his return to a WWE ring and battles Triple H one on one. This was HBK's first match in the WWE or anywhere else for that matter, and he did an excellent of making Triple H being a bully! The The Rock battles Brock Lesnar, which sees The Rock getting booed and Lesnar getting cheered!

    Overall Grade - A