• Warning: Spoilers
    I expected a "not-to-distant-in-the-future-sci-fi-thriller" - because that's what the label said - and with "big" names like Eric Roberts and Stephen Baldwin I thought it couldn't be half bad - even though my gut feeling told me to leave the DVD in the shelves.

    We've all made mistakes like this in the 80's, right? When we rented films because of the extremely cool artwork and those totally misleading plot summaries.

    But I have been taken by surprise by "small" flicks in the past (Hardware, Ghosts of Mars etc.) - and I decided to chance this one because; a) I love science fiction b) Eric Roberts and Stephen Baldwin have delivered good performances in major films in the past (before their careers fizzled).

    As for Eric Roberts - max two minutes of screening time before he's taken out of some bar and shot in the street. And Stephen Baldwin? He's not even the main character - just a name to support the many weak unknowns desperately in need of acting classes and talent.

    And what's with the berets? Without revealing too much - there's is a semi-Nazi core roaming around in black uniforms and berets - enforcing the words and laws of "the great leader" in this "futuristic" world. I've done my year of duty in the Norwegian army - and if I ever showed up for assignment with my beret looking like a melted frisbee - my sarge would've chewed me a new a..hole and sent me to detention. Why can't they EVER get this right? The film has a strong Christian theme - which I don't mind at all. I am sure there are those who loved this flick because of it. But why "lie" about it on the back of the cover and cheat sci-fi lovers like myself out of hard earned money? This movie is ALL talk and NO action - nothing ever happens. "Just say no".