• In a remake of Jack Oakie's "Super Sleuth", the alleged comedy team of Wally Brown and Alan Carney play radio actors Jerry and Mike who are re-creating the crimes of a killer who calls himself "The Cobra". The Cobra's true identity is the famed criminologist, Marsh (Lionel Atwill),who kills for the fun of it. Marsh and his assistant, Stone (Bela Lugosi).attempt to kill the two saps and frame their boss and head-writer, Ellen (Anne Jefferys). Brown and Carney are simply awful and fortunately this is the last movie they would make together. Unfortunately this was also Lionel Atwill's last movie, too. Atwill is always worth watching, but Lugosi is really wasted here and the plot's so familiar you can almost hear the lines before they're spoken. The only challenge is staying awake for 61 minutes.