• Not for a while have I seen such a brilliant film. Not only are the visuals perfect the acting is this time top notch. A Spielberg/Cruise pairing is usually a good indication that the film is going to be really good. Minority Report was also fantastic.

    The premise of the story is that Alien beings have for many years been plotting the total extermination of the human race and one day it happens. It starts off with a simple lightning storm, and what follows is some of the most intense action scenes that I've seen in a 12A/PG-13 rated film. This really is not a film for children though, some of the sequences are quite frankly going to be scary, but for a more mature audience it is a stunning film. The casting is spot on. Tom cruise plays Ray Ferrier, our main hero of the picture and father to Robbie (Justin Chatwin) and Rachel (Dakota Fanning). Fanning inparticular is exceptionally good in this, she is one of the best child actors around at the moment. But Cruise and Chatwin also deliver a fine performance as a slightly estranged father and son. A surprise addition to the cast was Tim Robbins who played a not quite all there man trying to come to terms with what is happening around him. As for the visuals they are brilliant. The combination of CG and live action is seamless and the look of the alien vehicles (tripods) are creepy and otherworldly, I was most impressed by them. The fact that the movie only starting shooting 7 months ago does not show in the slightest, the effects are up to standard and beyond

    In summary it is a fantastic film, definitely worth a view, but I wouldn't recommend taking your kids with you if they are under 10.