• Weak anthology black "horror" film. It has three urban youths being told a bunch of purportedly "horrifying" tales by a creepy funeral director (Clarence Williams III).

    The first deals with a black police officer who does not stop his white cop friends from beating a black man to death. The guy comes back to extract revenge.

    The second deals with child abuse. Just barely a horror tale.

    The third has a Ku Klux Klan man buying an old Southern mansion where he is attacked and killed by little dolls containing the souls of the black people who were killed by whites.

    The fourth deals with a black youth being cured of his violent behavior with VERY extreme tactics.

    This is very well-acted and has a few (very few) moments but I mostly hated it. This is NOT a horror film (which is what it's marketed as). It tells these "horror" stories but every single one of them, in a very heavy-handed way, hammers us over the head with a moral message. Such as: racism is bad, violence is bad, child abuse is bad etc etc. I mean NO KIDDING! I KNOW all this! I go to see a horror film to be scared NOT preached to. If they had handled it subtlety it might have worked but they hammer it at you. It's badly directed to boot.

    This gets a 5 only for some cool violence, acting and an admittedly bravura finale. Williams is just great going WAY over the top but in a fun manner. I wish I could recommend this (how many black horror films are out there?) but I can't.