• I just got back from seeing this movie with three kids. The movie had appeal for everyone: - for the kids, because it was kid-oriented and clean; - for the adults because there were sprinkles of nostalgia throughout; and - for anyone else because it was just a good clean fun movie.

    There was no great script or acting here, just some real fun for all. We could all relate to the main character, who had to struggle with finding out what he had and deciding what he would do with it, who his friends were, where his loyalties lie, and how much integrity to demonstrate.

    The violent scenes were mostly slapstick or cartoonish enough so as not to distress small children (I say mostly because there is some violence, but no blood or gore; just people smashing into or through things, etc.).

    I especially liked that Lynda Carter gave a nod to her Wonder Woman character, and that Clois Leachman - one of my favorite actresses - was involved, once again, with superheroes - and with Lynda Carter, too (Clois was Lynda's mother in the original Wonder Woman movie).

    Also, although only caricatures, the script-writers and kid actors were true to the typicalities of high school. The social divisions, the crushes, the nerds, the cool kids - it was all there. And the only annoying characters were supposed to be annoying.

    I sincerely wish the script had been better written, so that the actors had had more to work with. But they did their best with what they had, and overall it was just great, good clean fun - so rare in today's movie world. Unlike Willy Wonka's current incarnation, there was no odd bite or double entente's to worry about. Take the kids - especially your inner child - and enjoy!