• Warning: Spoilers
    Sky High exceeded my expectations and was surprisingly entertaining. I mostly loved how it was simple to follow, I believe a movie shouldn't have to require too much thought and I enjoyed just how fun this one was. It was a little predictable, but held my attention and interest nonetheless.

    The performances by the young actors were fantastic, they have a good future ahead of them. The adults also did exceptionally well, and really helped capture the fun, young spirit of the film. I loved Layla and how she really fought against the Hero/Sidekick well as the other parts of the film which try to parallel regular high school against Sky High School. Even as heroes, the main thing they have to "fight" for is just to fit in and break the typical "groups" of high school.

    It was very funny and the vague references to other superhero comics/films/shows were great, if you could catch them. There's enough action, a little romance and some great heart-felt scenes which all mixed together well. A great movie!