• Shy High might have been purposed for little kids, but like most good Disney movies(and only the really good ones)there are different levels of comedy. It was not necessarily the lines which made it great, but the actors who were saying them. There was also a lot of situational comedy, which I will not disclose, but there were times that I was laughing quite loudly through entire scenes. It was almost uncanny how accurate Sky High was to any other high school, just add super powers to the mix. All in all in was an extremely entertaining movie and the moment it was over my sister turned to me (she is in college) and said, "As soon as this comes out on DVD I am buying it!" It was hilariously fun, full of laughs and it actually had a good moral lesson. Go see it, you will love it, I promise! ;) Note: The reason why I did not give it a 10 was because I do not believe any movie is perfect. So 9 in my book is amazingly awesome!