• Warning: Spoilers
    This is a fantastic and unique "Buddy" "Buddy" film that's extremely entertaining to watch, with an amazing performance from Bruce Willis!. All the characters are wonderful, and i thought the story was awesome, plus, Bruce Willis is simply amazing in this!. Willis and Wayans had fantastic chemistry together, and i thought Taylor Negron was extremely menacing as the main villain, plus the finale was simply awesome!.It has to be one of the most graphic "buddy "buddy" flicks out there, and i thought some of the stunts were absolutely fantastic, and while the opening is absurd, it's absolutely awesome just the same (Ain't Life A Bitch! Billy Cole). It has to be one of the most unique "Buddy "Buddy" film, as it it at times just plain odd, however i like odd, so it was quite refreshing to see something a bit different, plus Danielle Harris is wonderful as Willis's daughter!, And Wayans was fantastic!. This is a fantastic and unique "Buddy" "Buddy" film, that's extremely entertaining to watch, with an amazing performance from Bruce Willis, and i say Go see it now!. The Direction is excellent!. Tony Scott Does an excellent job here, with amazing camera work, awesome angles, lots of other crazy shots, and he kept the film at an extremely fast pace!. This movie is loaded with blood and violence!. We get TONS of extremely bloody gunshot wounds, LOTS of bloody gunshot wounds to the head, with blood and brains spurting,quite a few bloody broken noses,plenty of bloody wounds,tons of harsh bloody beatings,very bloody stabbing in the leg, and someone is ripped apart by a spinning helicopter blade!. The Acting is amazing!. Bruce Willis is AMAZING as always, and is amazing here, he is extremely likable, had some of the best one liners you will ever hear, kicked that ass, was fantastic in the acting department,had wonderful chemistry with Damon Wayans, and while his character is very violent, i absolutely loved it!. (Willis Rules!!!). Damon Wayans is fantastic here, he had wonderful, chemistry with Willis, was often hilarious, had a great charm, and was the perfect choice for this role!, i loved him. (Damon Wayans rules). Danielle Harris is AMAZING as always, and is amazing here, she is extremely likable, was often hilarious, especially when she was spurting out the rough language!, i just wished she had more screen time! (Danielle Rules!!). Taylor Negron is awesome as one of the main villains, he was quite chilling, and always had a sinister look on his face, i liked him lots!. Noble Willingham so so as the other main villain, he was quite bland, and wasn't menacing at all. Halle Berry had a somewhat memorable role here i guess but i am not a fan of hers at all. Rest of the cast do great. Overall Go see it now!. ***** out of 5