• Warning: Spoilers
    Luigi Cozzi, close friend and collaborator to Dario Argento, took director's chair for this mediocre giallo, not getting even close to Argento's well constructed giallo's.

    The story is fairly juicy. Frustrated husband Hilton catches a killer at work, disposing of a woman he had just murdered. He makes a deal with the killer to dispose of his wife so he can get wealthy. The killer does his job, but after loading his trunk with her body the car gets stolen by a couple of horny teenagers and he has to track them down to complete his job.

    As said, fairly interesting story but Cozzi handles matters terribly, resulting in a rather boring and downright unjustifiably long-winded film. Plus, he continually disrupts the few tension filled moments with a boring segment involving an incredibly stupid blond. I mean, you get the point, with those cuts between a rape and actual love making, but that music in the background and...ahhh, it just kills the mood entirely.

    It could have been good, I mean, Cozzi is rather sleazy here and a few fleeting moments are satisfying to the seasoned giallo fan, but it's far from being great.