• Warning: Spoilers
    Tim Burton is a genius at creating good fantasy film, e.g. Beetle Juice, Batman, Sleepy Hollow and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but this film is best known as one of his masterpiece. He wrote the story, created the characters and idea and assisted directing (although it is uncredited). Basically this a story about based in a dark (obviously) fantasy world of Halloween. The leader of Halloween the tall and spindly Jack Skellington has got bored of Halloween over the many years and wants to experience something new. One day he walks to far in the forest and discovers many trees with special doors for each special occasion, e.g. thanks giving, easter. The one he was most attracted to was the door to Christmas town. After being there he decides he wants to create Christmas himself himself, seen through the eyes of Halloween. If you think about it, this is nearly like the A Christmas Carol and The Grinch mixed together. Filled with excellent music and singing by Danny Elfman himself this is the essential Christmas musical. Starring Chris Sarandon as Jack Skellington, Danny Elfman singing as Jack, Catherine O'Hara as Sally, William Hickey as Evil Scientist and Ed Ivory as Santa. In 2006 it was re-released in 3D. It was nominated the Oscar for Best Visual Effects, and it was nominated the Golden Globe for Best Original Score for Elfman. It was number 38 on The 100 Greatest Musicals, and it was number 13 on The 100 Greatest Cartoons. Outstanding!