• Warning: Spoilers
    I saw this as part of the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival. This was a good movie. The premise of a woman who's boyfriend passes but is still somehow in contact with him creates an intriguing platform from where the director does many things well.

    In particular, the somewhat supernatural and eerie mood was set right off the start with suspenseful music, clever shots that made good use of light and darkness, and a screenplay that flowed from piece to piece.

    A technique that the director used was to label each section of the movie with a chapter title. My feeling was this was not necessary and the story could flow without it. Moreover, what it did was highlight the focus of the next section thus acting almost as a 'spoiler' to what might happen next. Yet this would not be my biggest beef. For me, the movie didn't feel like it finished. I didn't realize the movie finished, and hence felt that funding for the money forced the movie to end prematurely. At 65 minutes (or so), this was a fairly short feature film.

    While there were some interesting moments and ideas in this movie, the lack of an 'ending' left me feeling unsatisfied with this movie.