• Warning: Spoilers
    I'll admit it, I haven't been watching too many films lately. When I picked up the Enzo Ferrari DVD, I was expecting it to be a brilliantly expressive foreign Italian film (in Italian) with subtitles. Cameo appearances of his cars would be desirable but optional, and above all, I wanted quality.

    The storyline itself winds through Enzo's life well enough, but there's certain details there that I wish hadn't been omitted, for instance, the origins of the Prancing Horse logo, how he felt about his customers, his relationship with Fangio and so on. The narration via the reporter is clever, and charged with emotion.

    There was, in a number of points, too much background music was playing where was meant to be key dialogue elements that were frequently lost. At times the fake Italian accents broke into American ones. The film I got was in English! Not that I understand Italian myself, but when a film whose soul and emotion is quintessentially Italian is transcribed in a foreign language, the magic is lost in translation. Imagine passing off The Last Samurai as a bonafide Japanese film, and you will get my drift.

    No comment on acting, it was good but all in all I expected better.