• This one is actually shocking. It's based on a true story, but it's directed as well as Hitchcock would do it - the first scene makes you tense and the whole movie keeps you like this. You don't stop thinking "why it has ended like this (after the first scene there's a retrospective)? what has happened?". The director Krzysztof Krauze plays with you decently, because you make your own vision of what will happen and after awhile you see you were not right. But "Dlug" is not only thrilling. It has a lot to think about. Some say that there are a few illogical things in the scenario, but anyway it seems realistic. There is no happy end, and there is no good character in whole picture. Everyone makes tragic go even more tragic. As good as it gets, actors make great creations, especially Andrzej Chyra as the "terrorist" (I live in Poland and believe me that's actually how illegal borrowing does finish).